About Us

The name Shaka Guac was developed when we were looking for the perfect way to incorporate the surfer lifestyle with our specialty Guac. Shaka Guac was created by surfers for surfers, as well as, anyone who enjoys the ocean and a healthy lifestyle. We developed this recipe to what it is now by basing it off of Good Vibes, Good times and Good Food!


Zak Zimmer:

IMG_0560_resizeMy travels have sent me all over the world. After spending part of my childhood in New York, I moved onto a sailboat with my family. I spent years exploring the street food with my grandfather at every port we docked. After high school graduation I immediately set off to travel the world in search of good times, waves and exciting new experiences. My passion for surfing and photography has brought me to foreign shores in many countries. It was during this time that I became intrigued in the world of food.

From hidden cafes in Europe to ramshackle food carts in Asia my passion for the culinary arts only grew stronger with time. Upon graduating from Goddard College I started a journey to find my own niche in the culinary world. I began working in restaurants and crafting innovative, nutritious meals for all to enjoy. My original guacamole recipe continually remained a favorite of my friends and family. Overtime, I refined the recipe based on communal feedback, ultimately bringing our product into the top tier of the guacamole world. Commercial guacamole just doesn’t compare. We have developed this recipe even further into what is now Ridiculous Rincon.

Brett St. Amour:

IMG_0551_resizeI’m a San Diego local, who spent my childhood traveling with my family to famous surf destinations and tasting the best foods along the way. From the time I was a grom I began to make guacamole with my dad. I spent my college years traveling around the United States playing baseball. Through my hard work as a server and bartender, I was able to fund my degree in Business Administration. It was during this time that I fell in love with craft food and beer. My passion and vast knowledge for beer led me on a culinary adventure, tasting the best meals and beverages from the grimiest of dive bars to the most elegant of restaurants.